About Ewoud and Art

Ewoud's work can be seen at one of the oldest open air Art Markets in Amsterdam, or at his gallery and atelier at Zaandijk (better known as The Zaanse Schans). Follow his work on Instagram or contact us to make an appointment. 

"Personally I believe art should be like life, a continuous discovery of the new. Besides creating, I love the idea, and feel both humbled as honored, to become a growing part in life. On a wall or as a memorable moment somewhere in time and thoughts." Ewoud Bras

In a graphic sense Ewoud aims for the void that translates into new perspectives, direct and with few compromises. Photography and silkscreen printing combine to be his major tools. Moments in everyday's life and our direct surroundings. Like this, but more often printed by hand, on heavy paper using heavy oil-based inks. 

To learn the craft of screen-printing he started printing textiles using various silkscreen techniques in early 2011. He fell in love with the artisanal elements and widespread method's of applying this ancient craft. The printed clothing became strong graphic messages. During these years Ewoud is focused on learning the craft by doing, lot's of it. Always trying to deliver the highest quality products possible. At times hard, often stressful but always a lot of fun and rewarding.

In 2016 however, he has quit working for clients and slowly transformed the merchandise business into creating art. Using the acquired skills to print his own works combined with a curious, sometimes shocking look towards tools, crafts and life itself, result in work that is oddly recognizable, filled with emotion and anticipation.